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“I am You, and yet, Me Bound, and yet, Free Your wisdom within Seen through My vision…” -excerpt from “Homage to My Ancestors- A Samhain Chant” by (Alexis) Kallan Kennedy published in Pagan Writers Press Samhain 2011 edition. Samhain is my favorite time of year. The veil in the northern hemisphere between the worlds of […]


I thought I’d take a moment to welcome those of you who are visiting my newly redesigned site! It’s a continual work in progress, but I am finally able to have you create an account, make payments, etc. right from the site! I also plan to take Bone Songs to the level that I wanted […]

Bone Songs Chronicle for September 19, 2021

Witchcraft/Paganism Curated News Trigger Warning:┬ásome of these stories speak to several kinds of abuse. I am not responsible for the content. I share for educational purposes, and want you to be forewarned. Read the news at your own risk. Some of it is cool! Beware The Witch’s Curse of Love and Lightnin’ Fascinating objects that […]

Bone Songs Chronicle for August 29, 2021

Run, do not walk, away from anyone who tells you that their way is the only way to do something. Divination, spells, whatever, it doesn’t matter. That kind of mentality is binding you to them, allowing them to suck your energy dry, and is all about their own selfishness and ego. It has nothing to do with your connection to all that is, and particularly to the earth.